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Pinus flexilis 'Glauca Pendula'
Common Name: Weeping Blue Limber Pine
Form: 23
Sun Tolerance:
Min Hardiness: 4
Growth Rate: 12-15"
10-year (HxW):
No sketch quite does this plant justice! It
has a form of its own. It can grow upright, at
an angle, horizontal, or even as a groundcover.
The needles are long and distinctly blue with
silver banding. When grown as an upright, the
sprawling branches require a large area to
showcase the sculptural mass. New growth is
more green and lush. This plant was likely
introduced as 'Pendula' but somewhere along the
way because of the blue foliage, "Glauca" was
added. Furthermore, some nurseries sell a
cultivar 'Glauca Reflexa' which in our
experience is the same.
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