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Pinus banksiana 'Uncle Fogy'
Common Name: Uncle Fogy Jack Pine
Form: 23
Sun Tolerance:
Min Hardiness: 2
Growth Rate: 6-9"
10-year (HxW):
A sculptural form - no two are alike! Leaders
can grow in any direction forming an informal
upright to a mound when the leaders have chosen
to grow almost horizontally. All branches
twist and turn. Note: likely the same as
'Bush's Twister' - we cannot see a difference
in the young plants - same growth rate and
twisting branches throughout. A 'Bush's
Twister' we saw at the nursery of the late
Dick Bush of Canby, OR - is upright with
twisted branches. Some 'Uncle Fogy' specimens
we have seen are less upright. This shape
difference can be completely attributed to
grower training or propagation using a side
branch compared to using a cutting from the top
whorl of growth. Either way, it is a terrific
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