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Picea sitchensis 'Bentham's Sunlight'
Common Name: Bentham's Sunlight Sitka Spruce
Form: 17
Sun Tolerance:
Min Hardiness: (5) 6
Growth Rate: 3-6"
10-year (HxW):
A gold spruce with bluish interior foliage.
Grows better in partial shade. This tree has
an incredibly rich history as a sacred Native
American tree on the Queen Charlotte Islands
and is the subject of the well-known book "The
Golden Spruce," by John Vaillant. We previously
propagated this as Picea sitchensis 'Aurea,'
however following reading Bob Fincham's
historical recount, we have switched to the
name he assigned to it, 'Bentham's Sunlight.'
It is also listed by some nurseries as 'Haida'
- the Indian name for the Queen Charlotte
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