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Horstmann's Silberlocke Ariadne Mikawa Yatsubusa

Retail mail order is available through ConiferKingdom.com.

Who we sell to:
Rare Tree Nursery is wholesale to the trade. We require a minimum order of $2,500. Please register to view pricing and availability. Registration requests are typically approved within 24 hours.

Placing an order:
Orders placed via e-mail or through our website will be acknowledged within 5 business days. An order acknowledgement shows plant material selected. Following order acknowledgement, you will receive an order confirmation detailing items allocated to your order. We require a 25% deposit within 30 days of order confirmation. Order balance is due prior to shipment unless terms are established. We are happy to accommodate expedited confirmations for orders requiring prompt shipment. All orders placed by April 15 must be shipped by May 15, unless alternate arrangements have been approved, or a holding fee will be assessed.

Shipping and Pricing:
All materials are priced and sold FOB Silverton, Oregon. Prices are subject to change without notice. Freight cost is not included in product pricing. If you would like us to assist you in securing trucking, we will make every effort to find you the most economical option available. Freight will be direct billed by the broker or C.O.D. While we make every effort to accurately estimate your order footage and weight prior to shipping, we take no responsibility for estimates varying from actual footage.

Container Sizes:
- All containers are standard trade sizes, for example, a #3 container is what many people refer to as a “3-gallon” because the container is roughly 3 gallons by volume.
- Liners are shipped in Anderson Band Pots (listed as a Size “BP”) when they are ready. Maples are ready to ship starting in March, Conifers are ready by June 1.
The band pots are 2 7/8” square, 5 1/2” tall and 36 pots fit in a tray.
- #1 containers (approximately 1 gallon) are released when they have pushed a minimum of 2 flushes of growth after grafting – if you require “retail ready” #1 containers, please let us know.
- #2 and 3 containers are released when they have an appropriate height or width for the container size and have a minimum of 3 flushes of growth after grafting (in most cases more).

There is no minimum quantity per variety unless listed with a minimum. Few items have a minimum unless they are specials, liners or seedlings. If a minimum quantity of an item must be ordered, the quantity will be listed before the price. For example, a liner with a price shown as 5:$8.00 requires a minimum order of 5 units at $8.00 each.

Liners purchased in quantities of 20 or more per variety are discounted by 10%, or in quantities of 50 or more per variety, by 20%. Please inquire for discounts on quantity purchases of 3-gallon Japanese maples and large quantity purchases of specials. Discounts will be shown on the final receipt. Individual orders, or annual total purchases greater than $10,000 will receive a 5% discount and orders greater than $25,000 will receive a 10% discount on non-discounted items.

Purchase Terms:
We are happy to accept Visa, Mastercard or American Express. All order balances are due before shipment. Payment net 30 days is extended to customers with established credit following extensive review of a credit application including reliable nursery references and banking information. Please inquire to establish credit. Past due accounts are subject to a monthly service charge of 1.5% per month.

Due to conditions beyond our control, in the event that a portion of your order is not available, we will provide you with substitution options. We will not substitute varieties without customer consent. We do reserve the right to substitute a larger container size or a full grade higher at the same price without customer consent. We are not responsible for additional freight costs associated with substitutions of larger plant material.

All claims including – but not limited to – order shortages, damaged material, or unsatisfactory quality must be submitted via facsimile, standard mail, or electronic mail within five (5) days of receipt of material. Material damaged during transport must be reported on the Bill of Lading and submitted directly to the carrier. In all instances, liability is limited to the purchase price.

Please contact us for recommendations on where to purchase our plant material in your area. If you are interested in landscape design and are located in either the greater Boston or Chicago areas, contact Markus Specimen Trees, Inc.

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